Reclaimed Random Walling

Reclaimed Random Walling  Stone Delivered in Tonne Bags


Random Walling Stone

Random walling, also known as backings, all comes from Yorkshire where all the best stone is from, supplied in tonne bags across the United Kingdom.

Our Price is £140 per tonne bag and there are just under 4 square yards to a bag.

If you are building at least one house then we will look at a discount for trade just call us on 01422 247300.

Random Walling stone for building is good enough to wall and is not coursed out into specific sizes,

which is why its cheaper than facing stone (which is around double the price).

Our wagons will carry 14 bags and are specially chosen to access small sites, with a hi-ab rigid vehicle.

We can usually meet your order within two weeks,

Please call us or email us on

Because the quality standard of our random walling is so high, we sell this product to the trade mostly.

Lots of reclamation yards in other parts of the country especially not in Yorkshire will sell our stone.

We think this is the best value option when building houses.

Giving a rustic charm it is a cost effective way to achieve a quality build – with the right builder of course!


Back to basics….. about stone

When a piece of stone is excavated out of the ground at a quarry to be made into walling stone it is made into 4 different types;
1. Facings- walling stone for building houses with no imperfections in the stone.
2. Seconds or secondry walling- walling stone which isn’t quite as good as facings due to slight imperfections.
3. Backings- has many imperfections but can be used still for buildings to provide the property with more character.
4. Dry Stone walling- as all off cuts and random pieces can be used, it doesn’t matter about imperfections in the stone either.

Additional information

Choice of sizes (any other sizes required please ring 01422 247300)





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