Building an extension on your property can turn into a real headache. You want it to look as though it’s been there forever and that means using materials as close to the original stone as possible. Of course, unless you’ve got a time-machine you might think that’s impossible. That’s where services like our very own bespoke Stone Match service come in handy.

Accurate matching is necessary on several levels. You have to think about colour, size, texture and bond. Stone that you may think looks fine can have a detrimental effect on the impact of your new extension. You don’t want people to marvel at where the joins are – you want them to remark on what a great job you’ve done, sensitively extending a beautiful property.

Finding the right stone for your job is where it gets tricky but, fortunately, we can help. We’ll work with you to get the right stone for your new extension in just three simple steps:

  1. Firstly, take a photo (on your phone if it’s easier) of the existing property you want stone matching to. Try and make it as clear as possible!
  2. Find out how much you need and the size of the courses – we can provide a range of different sizes to match the building.
  3. Send us the photo. Either text it to 07703 741973 or email to

We know that stone matching is one of the most important steps in building your new extension. All too often, it’s overlooked in favour of a focus on the interior but, if you think about it seriously from the beginning, we promise it’ll be worth it.

We’re happy to provide a quotation and a sample of stone so you can test it out alongside the existing property. Only then can you be sure that your extension is going to be a worth addition to the property.